A poem to my younger self

Hasit Bhatt
2 min readJun 13, 2023


Courtesy: BlueWillow

In a world of distractions, they say,
Focus on being useful, pave your way.
Happiness springs from contribution’s bloom,
Build your worth, let it consume.

Baggage and trauma, they’re not your claim,
Limiting fears, put them to shame.
Craft experiences, make others smile,
Build cool things, let your dreams compile.

Society desires weakness and despair,
Wisdom within you, unique and rare.
Ignore the crowd, their hollow trends,
Happy souls are the ones to befriend.

Mainstream’s allure, it’s all a show,
Entertainment feeding fears, we know.
Seek advice from the prosperous and true,
They’ll inspire, guide you through.

Stimulants, tempting, addictive sway,
Freedom lies in needing less each day.
Enjoy the pleasures, but never depend,
Boundaries set, let your will transcend.

Narcissism thrives in a selfish age,
Break the mold, turn the final page.
Improve lives, let go of your own,
In giving, find a purpose unknown.

Emotional control, the key to bliss,
Manage your feelings, seal the abyss.
Rage and triggers won’t dictate your life,
Calmness prevailing, steering away from strife.

Exceptional mastery, focus on one,
Expertise lacking, let it be done.
Diversify, but never sacrifice,
Becoming a master, a valuable prize.

Trust no one blindly, guard your heart,
Time and energy, precious from the start.
Be gracious and kind, let bitterness fade,
Rational and cautious, in choices you’ve made.

Finish what you start, don’t be led astray,
Novelties fleeting, consistency holds sway.
Repetition compounds, success it will bring,
Boredom embraced, determination will spring.

Decisions made, weigh the cost,
Avoid entrapment, don’t let life exhaust.
Uncertainty looms, be wise and steer clear,
Choose paths with clarity, free from fear.

Train your body, prioritize health,
In your twenties, lay the foundation of wealth.
Feeling vibrant, an advantage to behold,
Overcoming hangovers, anxiety controlled.

Leave your home, explore the unknown,
Nervousness conquered, your character has grown.
Adventures and friendships, a treasure to find,
Geographical flexibility, a free soul defined.

So heed these words, embrace the call,
To be useful, to rise above all.
In building value, find your truest self,
A life well-lived, its story to compel.

Note: This was generated with GPT but ideas/points are mine.