A Sunday like never before

Hasit Bhatt
3 min readDec 8, 2019


One day you wake up unlike any other day. The world around you the same but not for you. You find your mind at peace, only because it has never been this active before. You sense (see, smell, touch and hear) things around you in a completely different way.

I’ve always believed,
“One can’t consume things one wants to; knowledge is one of those things. Just like a plant can’t devour the fire, for in the effort it will get consumed instead. And maybe if someone can consume all the knowledge out there, one becomes the knowledge in the process.”

You take a morsel and put it in your mouth. While you’re consuming the food at snail’s pace, as if you’re doing a depth-first search, you first see the happy wheat seed sleeping in soil who once decided to wake up, maybe not so different from how you chose to wake up this very morning (Hint: perhaps you didn’t wake up like this on purpose).

Photo by Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash

The dirt, the small water droplets playing hide and seek inside the soil, the energy/fire in the form of sunlight, and many other factors helped the seed grow. The seed may not be able to comprehend them or their role in its growth. After some more days, the touch of water in the form of due, the rain, the cold, the heat, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the close encounters with rodents, it did become a full-grown plant; only to be plucked by a human being.

Similarly, you taste the history of wheat, oil, water, salt, spinach, pepper, chilly and at least a dozen other ingredients that have entered your mouth in the last second or two, all at once. You can feel your face smiling, your state joyful unlike you’ve experienced in recent past.

You suddenly feel grateful for everything, starting from the ingredients that sacrificed themselves as consumables; so they become you, or rather you stay yourself. The dirt you hate seeing on your floor or glass seems to be smiling at you right now. Who knows? Maybe it’s the friend of this dirt that you’re eating in the form of a plant.

You look around in the room, and you find so many of your friends smiling at you; born from the same elements that have formed you. And you fail to comprehend whether it’s you who is everywhere, or everyone is in you. Whatever be the case, you are sure now that you can never be alone anymore. The sentence “You’re everything, or in other words, there is no you.” that felt contradictory doesn’t seem so anymore.

You see flower glooming and can see your past. The spoiled lemon in the kitchen gives you a glimpse in your future. You suddenly feel relieved, for you have nothing to prove, no pressure of fulfilling someone’s expectations, and realisation that you have no rights to expect anything from anyone. What you need to do is, be, the best way you can, or rather the way you want to.

Then you realise that maybe, it’s mind playing with you like it always has been. For it tasted the same food you had kept it deprived of for a long time; when we watched Frozen II together yesterday. But then the brain reminds me of the quote by Dumbledore, “Harry, of course, it’s happening inside your head, but why on earth does that mean it’s not true.”



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