Gujarati books online

Hasit Bhatt
1 min readJan 26, 2021

In the last few months, I have been searching for online Gujarati ebooks, here are few sites I have come across where you can read/access Gujarati ebooks (mostly scanned) on the internet legally.

Gandhi Heritage Portal:

Gandhi Heritage Portal has more than 1000 Gujarati books including digitized books from MJ Library and others under Collective Commons licence.

National Digital Library of India:

NDL is subscribed to, hence all Gujarati books present in world ebook library is accessible from there.


Wikimedia only has ~100 PDF books, most under public domain but few on creative commons licence.

Other than these, few wikimedia users have uploaded scanned books with expired copyright. e.g. Gazal world, Sushant Savla


Gujlit also hosts ~50 books in web-page (HTML) format (not scanned versions).


Similar to Wikimedia, it has limited ~100 books, few in PDF format while others can be read on the website (No redistribution allowed).


e-Shabda is an e-shop for Gujarati books by Cygnet infotech but also hosts approximately 400+ free books.

Ektara Foundation:

This has very limited ~100 books, most of them may already be available on above-mentioned websites.

Gujarati Matrubharti:

Formerly “Gujarati Pride Gujarati eBooks”, is now integrated with Matrubharti.

Please do let me know if there are any other legal sources out there other than these. I haven’t added, for in theory, it can potentially have copyrighted material uploaded by random user.