Quick Rapid fire with parents

Hasit Bhatt
1 min readSep 25, 2023


Last week, I came across an Instagram reel stating questions to ask your parents before it’s too late. Just as a fun experiment, I asked those questions to my parents.

What do you want your life to represent?

Dad: Someone who was there whenever anyone needed him

Mom: Someone who fulfilled all her duties

Have you accomplished everything you wanted to achieve?

D: Yes, because I didn’t want to achieve anything.

M: Whatever was in my control, yes.

How did you feel when I was born?

D: Can’t explain. Definitely good.

M: *Smiles, no answer*

What two words describe your life right now?

D: Enjoying Life

M: Duty, unfit

What advice do you want to give me?

D: Don’t be too emotional

M: Sometimes you need to think from mind (and not heart). Don’t have high expectations. Go with the natural flow. At times, you just need to believe in destiny. Co-ordinate as much as you can.